WHY...Do It?

Coaching TimeLife Coaching is Cool! It's the fastest growing & most popular method of Personal Development & Stress Management because it focuses on creating Successful changes in Your Life. People come to me for Coaching for lots of different reasons. Some want to create a new phase in their life and career, or to achieve deeper levels of peace, happiness and life balance. Other people come to me to find strategies to cope with the demands of their situation, life changes or to explore new paths. It's the best investment you will ever make in Your Self...an investment that will help You to achieve Your goals. Your Life Coach is Your Key...Your Connection...to the Best version of Your Self.

WHO...Does It?

WHOCoaching is for men, women, couples, teenagers & children of all ages...who are looking to create a better version of who they are being & what they are experiencing. Coaching is also the choice of a growing number of celebrities...from Movie stars and West End performers to contestants of Celebrity Big Brother! Also, TV presenters, sports people, politicians and major pop stars are all hiring Life Coaches. It has been rumoured that Madonna and Jennifer Aniston have used Life Coaches...and You can too. My latest clients have been business owners, network marketers, hair & make-up artists, teachers, IT professionals and actors. Anyone can benefit from Successful Coaching.

WHAT...Is It?

WHATSuccessful Coaching is the most creative & focused method of Life Coaching. It is refreshing & liberating, while enhancing that special connection with Your Self that brings more Balance & Peace of mind. Successful Coaching is a bespoke, one-to-one session with Fiona Gass, who is a highly qualified & experienced Kinesiology Practioner, who also incorporates NLP & Hypnotherapy. It's a fun & informative experience... it's confidential, holistic and supportive... it allows you to be Your Self... taking You on a journey of self discovery, transformation and fulfilment. Fiona's fun & Life-changing Workshops are also transformational.

WHERE...Is It?

PropertySuccessful Coaching sessions are either face to face or by 'via technology'...so distance is not an issue. It's great to actually meet you...and this usually happens in my comfortable premises in Paisley. It is also possible for coaching session to take place in your preferred location. Workshops are held in different locations & venues. Distance coaching is normally by Skype or Telephone.

WHEN...Do I Book?

WHENClick the Contact page and fill in your details...or if you would like to discuss preferred days/times...etc, then give me a call.

HOW...Much Is It?

A Food Intolerance Test is £60.  
Successful Coaching is £60.  
A distant session is £75.
Yes 4 Success is £175.
You Helping You is £85.
Full Team Ahead is £85.

Payments can be made in cash, cheque or digitally via BACS or App. PayPal can also be used with 5% added to cover PayPal charges.

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