Yes 4 SuccessThis is a fun and experiential workshop that takes you on a journey of discovery & realisation of how we block & inhibit our different levels of Success & then giving you tools & techniques to reduce & remove these barriers and move forward. 

These blocks are often unconscious patterns that contribute to our:

  • Physical aches, pains & ailments
  • Negative emotional states that interfere with our Happiness
  • Mental thoughts that influence our levels of anxiety & depression...

...all of which interfere with creating your Life the way you would like it to be.

This workshop can be experienced over one full day...or two half days...or four sessions. Cost from £175

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You Helping YouThis is an exciting follow on workshop to Yes 4 Success. We explore the ‘body/mind connection’ tuning into the powerful energy within your Self to help You to increase your positive energy & intuition.

This is a half day workshop. Cost £85

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Full Team AheadFull Team Ahead is a fun, 4 hour Workshop that is designed & tailored to the specific needs of your Business & Team. This business enhancing workshop is ‘a NO note taking’, enjoyable & informative experience that also provides individual personal development. It can include the essential qualities of assertiveness, eye contact & well as the importance of first impressions...and other attributes that make your Team stand out from the rest.

This unique workshop, introduces everyone to the power of Positive & Negative energy...and how to enhance & use energy to positively influence your Self, your Team, your Work & your Life.

This is a half day workshop. Cost £85

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Goal For It! an essential introduction to the necessary tools and tips for setting and achieving great goals.Goal For It!

This is a 3 hour fun experience to get you focussed and on track to creating your fulfilling and successful life.

So, come along and enjoy the process.

Cost £50    : :   Next workshop in Paisley   : :   Sunday 25th January 2015   : :  11am-1pm

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